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A lil' about Momo...

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Name: Momoko, Momo, or Sakura <-- My "dream name/fav' flower".  I'd prefer Momo, but, it's ur choice!
Style: EGL (Gothic Lolita), usually I like black only, sometimes a bit of white, as long as it doesn't look too cosplay-ish. And my point of fashion is "Baby, the stars shine Bright". (My fav' brand of gosu rori clothes...)
Picture:  This is just a normal every-day pic' of me, I'll try to find some better pic's...

Lolz, BTW: My fav' artist is Miyavi, and my fav' "teen" actor is Motoki Ochiai!
Current Mood:
cheerful GENKI!
Current Music:
Hyde - Cape of Storms
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