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jstreetfashion's Journal

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But until then, I will provide you with some information. XP! =D (In hopes someone will join..)
This is a community where you will be able to ask for tips, find links to shops (Most that take over seas orders or will be), and show pictures. There really aren't many rules as of yet. But feel free to join and if you think you could help maintain the community IM me. The AIM is pikapika IZAM ~ ^-~-~-~-^ ~ Keii? Great!

~Slightly an application.~
Name: ( You know what you want to be called o.O )
Style: (Describe your look or the look you’re trying to go for. Like punk, EGL, or Fruits~ to name a few )
Picture: (Post it here if you want to show your skills on the user info. If it‘s big then under a cut.)
AIM/MSN: (Incase you want to talk to others in the community outside of it. O_o XD; )